Food Adventures: How it All Started

When I was a junior in high school, I started following a food vlog channel called “Eat Your Kimchi.” These ten minute long YouTube videos chronicled the lives of a Canadian couple as they ate their way through South Korea, trying everything from Korean-style pizza to egg toast to live octopi. The video series was titled “Food Adventures for Awesome People,” or FAP for short, and after a few episodes, I was hooked.

For years after discovering “Eat Your Kimchi,” I longed to go on a FAP of my own—and I tried to a few times. Unfortunately, every friend I asked to accompany me either got mad if the meals weren’t under ten dollars (student budgets are tight) or simply didn’t share my enthusiasm for trying new foods. Where I’m from, “The Outback Steakhouse” is considered exotic cuisine, so it was hard to find someone who didn’t mind their foods touching let alone someone who wanted to try freakish flavors and uncanny dishes.

About a year ago, however, my luck turned around when I met—and fell and love with—my boyfriend John, a fellow food enthusiast and dessert fanatic. After a few months of dating, I finally admitted to John my dream of going on food adventures and he agreed that it would be a “sick idea.” We were living in different states during the spring semester, but when we both moved to Manhattan for summer internships, it was time to develop a plan of attack.

Rather than exploring cultural cuisine like the “Eat Your Kimchi” vloggers, we decided to focus our journey on original food creations and wacky flavors, preferably in the form of dessert. Using Instagram foodie accounts as our guides, we made it our mission to try as many strange foods and hit up as many famous restaurants as possible—hopefully without breaking our bank accounts. With MetroCard’s in our hands and debit cards in our pockets, we set out to make it the summer of adventurous food-tasting. Or as I like to call it, the summer of the FAP.


Not my photo – but super cute!


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