Traveling: Long Island to NYC

Work in Progress!

When I moved to New York City from the suburbs of Long Island last summer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had been to New York City before, but I had never stayed there extensively– and I had never worked or commuted there.

As someone from the suburbs, where my Toyota Corolla or the family mini van are my main method of transportation, riding the subway for the first time alone was… let’s just say a “challenge.” On my first day of work, for example, I somehow managed to go uptown instead of downtown, get stuck in a train car where a fight was breaking out, and get off at the wrong stop–all in one go.

Day to day, my goal was just to make it back home in one piece without the help of google maps. But with time, I began to adjust to the subway system. Soon enough, I could easily differentiate uptown and downtown (on the first try), learned how to maneuver myself away from sketchy people on the train, and even, to my surprise, stopped using google maps.

This transformation process–from a flailing tourist to a near-native-New-Yorker–did not happen over night. Stay tuned to hear more about this journey, my nightmarish living situation, and a bunch of crazy encounters that would only ever happen in Manhattan.


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